Getting Started in Video Marketing

Video Marketing starts with a plan. What type of message do you want to convey? Are you looking to get your business noticed or are you promoting a new product or service? Who are your potential customers and what problem can you solve for them? These questions make it easier to map a course of action when it comes to advertising. What your business is about and how you want to present it will determine the type of video you use. Take a look around and get some ideas. We will film on location, but we do so much more. Cartoon videos are very popular, but a professional spokesperson can also be quite compelling. We specialize in Biz Buddies ( 2D & 3D animated characters) that walk on or pop onto your website and will say whatever you tell them. Our inspirational page will help you stay in contact with your customers and our video ads page takes various elements and segments and puts them all together.

You’ve probably heard that people do business with people they know, like and trust. First impressions get the ball rolling. We help you make positive introductions. However, if you are uncomfortable on camera, we offer many other options. Visit out Introductions page to learn more. Get your message noticed!

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Inspirational videos are a great way to connect or stay in touch with your potential or current customers. Sending an inspired message to make someone’s day a little brighter can go a long way in getting them to know, like and trust you. We are creating several videos for our “done for you” inspirational video pack, which we will offer next month for a very reasonable price. Also, we will customize an inspirational video for you and add a branding segment for that personal touch. You supply the quote; we’ll give a number of videos to choose from and then we’ll set it all to music and get you a finished product you’ll be happy to share. Click the image to see some examples of our inspirational videos.
Video ads start with an idea. What is the purpose of the video? Everything then relates back to that purpose. Usually a marketing video begins with an intro, delivers a message and ends with a call to action. From spinning logos to video footage and images to animated characters to the addition of voice overs and music, we work with you to produce a presentation that not only gets your message out in a compelling manner, but builds the trust factor that is so important for potential clients. We love making videos that are short, clear and direct, and get you the results you’re looking for. To check out our video segments and how we put it all together to produce the finished product, click here.
Interactive video is the ultimate tool for engaging with your clients. You can address their different styles or needs in the same video by giving them choices and depending on what they choose taking them down a path that meets their needs. There are many ways to interact with your customers using video, you can ask them to submit their email address in return for something of value that they are interested in. Check out what’s new in interactive video. There is much more to come. Click the image to see an example.