Video Ads


Are you throwing your advertising dollars around trying to figure out what works?

Video has become the advertising media of the decade and will continue to dominate the way businesses connect with their customers for many years to come. Did you know that using a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%? For your brand’s bottom line that means more sales.

The aim of using video in your marketing campaigns is to increase awareness of your product, service or business and to connect with the people that have an interest in it. In this era of information overload, videos that are short, to the point and tell the audience exactly what to do next get more attention. If you are able to entertain while providing value, your business will become more memorable.


Our videos are often put together from segments. A video usually consists of an identifier like an animated logo of your brand or an introduction and then a message and a call to action. You may only need an animated logo to start a video you’ve filmed on your cell phone or you may want a call to action created for the ending. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the segments below and we’ll show you how they go together to create the final product.

Logos and Intros


The Message


Call to Action






Putting the Segments Together

For more examples of video segments, click here.