Starring in Your Video

When it comes to introducing yourself, your business or your service, you want to put your best foot forward. We begin by getting to know you, your business and your story. We work with you to create a strategy that highlights the benefits your potential customers will receive when they use your product or service. Once we’ve nailed the strategy down, we may infuse various elements into the video like: video footage, images, text, music and animations to craft a video that brings your story to life and engages with interested viewers.

In this video, Kaytlin’s intention was to introduce herself by sharing a short inspirational idea and then the weather provided a challenge. What came of it was an inspired twist, that not only emphasized Kaytlin’s personality, but allowed her to create a teaching moment as things don’t always go your way.

We offer on location video services. We will set an appointment to come out and film you at your office or a venue of your choosing. However, we know that not everyone is comfortable on camera and believe me you are not alone. We have options for you. Take a look below.


We have several options if being on camera is uncomfortable for you. A professional spokesperson may be a great alternative and give your website a professional edge. We have many professional spokespersons available who are ready and willing to represent you and your business. Some of our spokespersons have already been recorded, which in turn will lower your cost significantly, if that’s what you’d like.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your business and assure you our professional spokespersons will get your message across in a compelling manner that reflects your company.

Before your video is complete, we optimize it for fast loading on the internet. We are also able to assist you with video advertising on social media and getting your videos to rank on the front pages of the search engines.


This is an example of a spokesperson with a static background. Our spokesperson videos are filmed to allow us to insert a photographic background, which can be your office, the beach or any location.


This is an example of a 3D spokesperson with a human voice over. We can record a human voice over or record your voice to use in your video. A background of your choice can be inserted.

Biz Buddies

Why use cartoon videos? Cartoon videos are quite effective in marketing because they touch people’s emotions and there is a nostalgic component to them. After all, who didn’t grow up watching cartoons. More importantly, cartoon videos educate and entertain; and, they are virtually limitless when it comes to presenting ideas. We are able to create characters that say anything, go anywhere and will simplify complicated topics. Keeping people’s attention longer and making their experience with your brand more memorable puts your business on top.

After several months of little to no enagement, Old Republic Title Insurance recreated a professional explainer video using a cartoon. They jumped from 434 to 75,633 views on Youtube. Wow, imagine what that will do for your business!

Welcome Biz Buddies! Animated characters are cute, wacky and have a tremendous ability to compel us to action as they pull us into a world of infinite possibilities. Animated videos and GIFS are the most shared content on the internet and more cost effective than live videos. Click here for your special discount.